Lunch + Dinner Menu

Battle of the Snack'ems

Join us each week in the Battle of the Snack’ems two dishes inspired by the cities represented on Thursday Night Football will go head-to-head until only one reigns supreme! Our weekly battles run from Thursday through Monday each week. Cast your vote by ordering their custom Snack’em!

Pork tenderloin Snack’em

breaded pork tenderloin | lettuce | tomato | pickles


New York Snack’em

hotdog | spicy brown mustard | grilled onions



Add protein to any salad: Salmon +9, Shrimp + 9, Chicken + 6


Choice of Fries | Side Salad | Onion Rings | Sweet Potato Fries +2 | Truffle Parmesan Fries +4



A 3.95% surcharge will be added to each bill to help cover increasing operations and labor cost. 18% gratuity added automatically to parties of 8 or more.